Friday, March 7, 2014

Style with a Cause Las Vegas

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Myself and Jenna Doughton


On February 28th I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful event, Style with a Cause; which included a fashion show, cocktail hour, and silent auction.

Style with a Cause was created by stylist Jenna Doughton to celebrate, support and embrace women. This organization wants to encourage women to love themselves regardless of what size they may wear or what struggles they may be facing. This is all accomplished through style and beauty. 

This year the Style with a Cause event benefited the Pregnancy Foundation of Las Vegas and featured 3 fashion shows put on by Saks Fifth Avenue, Carlos Casanova and Joshua Christensen of Project Runway All Stars.

Please visit the Style with a Cause site and get involved.


El 28 de Febrero tuve la oportunidad de asistir a un evento magnífico llamado Style with a Cause. Este evento incluyo una hora de cocktail, un desfile de moda y una subasta. 

Style with a Cause fue creado por la estilista Jenna Doughton con el propósito de apoyar y celebrar a la mujer por medio de la moda y belleza. 
Este año, Style with a Cause recaudó fondos para la fundación de embarazo de Las Vegas. El evento presento 3 desfiles de moda organizados por Saks Fifth Avenue, Carlos Casanova, and Joshua Christensen de Project Runway All Stars. 

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Jenna was recently chosen as one of Donna Karan's Women who Inspire

Jenna recientemente fue elegida Por Donna Karan como una de las ganadoras de su programa Women who Inspire.

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See my full outfit and details HERE

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With the gorgeous gals from The Allure Avenue

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With the person in charge of making all this magic happen, Cindy of My Beauty Confessions
Huge thanks to Cindy, Jenna and the Qullin team for having me!

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