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Flower Beauty About Face Foundation Review

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Price and Availability: 

  • Flower Beauty About Face Foundation is exclusively sold at Walmart for $13.98
  • It comes in 14 shades. My olive and black beauties are in a bit of luck...there are a few deep /dark shades. While it's still not enough, I am impressed to see a brand new company introduce themselves to the market with as much diversity as they can possibly afford.

Precio y Disponibilidad
  • Flower Beauty About Face foundation esta disponible en Walmart por $13.90 USD
  • Esta base viene en 14 tonos de piel, para mis bellezas de tono oliva y morenas hay varios tonos disponibles. No muchos pero esta marca ofrece mas variedad de lo comun.

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  • The below mentioned claims come straight from the Flower Beauty site, and I would have to agree with all of them. 
  • The foundation blends easily and well. 
  • The coverage is very natural , yet effective at creating an even complexion. 
  • It did improve the appearance of my skin with time. 
  • My only complaint is longevity, I wish the foundation stayed on longer.

  • "Provides skin-smoothing moisture
  • Natural, seamless coverage
  • Smoothes imperfections and evens tone
  • Vitamins C & E for anti-aging benefits
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free"

  • La pagina oficial de esta base dice que ofrece cualidades humectantes y suavisantes. dice que ofrece covertura natural, borrando imperfecciones y equilibria tu tono de piel.
  • Incluye vitaminas C y E con beneficios anti-arrugas.
  • No fragancia o parabeno.
  • Estoy de acuerdo con todo esto, es una base muy discreta que mejoro mi piel.
  • Mi unica queja es que no dura mucho.

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Texture and Coverage 

  • This foundation is truly perfect for all skin types and occasions. 
  • It gives you a subtle glow without added shine/oil or oxidizing.
  • While it gives you a glow, it doesn't make you look wet/dewy.
  • Sheer to medium coverage.

Textura y Covertura

  • Esta base es perfecta para todo tipo de piel.
  • Te da un resplandor sin residuo grasoso y anaranjado.
  • A pesar de tener un resplandor divino no da apariencia mojada.
  • Covertura liviana a mediana.


  • The foundation doesn't slide off or melt.
  • Doesn't make other products, such as, blush and bronzer blotchy or melt.
  • Doesn't require an excessive amount of touch-ups.
  • Although the foundation offers great advantages, It is not a long-wear product. 
  • I wish i stayed on longer.


  • esta base no se mueve ni derrite.
  • No hace que otros productos como rubor y bronzer pierdan su textura o buena apariencia.
  • No tienes que retocarla mas de una vez
  • A pesar de ser un producto genial, me hubiese encantado que durara mas tiempo.

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  • I would definitely purchase this product again, in fact, I have gone through two bottles already.
  • I love this foundation and while it's on the pricey side of drugstore products, it doesn't disappoint.
  • A little goes a long way, just lightly dot around your face and it'll last a lot.
  • Add a primer

  • Compraria este base cada vez que se me de la oportunidad, es mas , ya he comprado dos botellas.
  • Me encanta esta base y a pesar de ser un poco mas cara que la mayoria de las bases de farmacia, cada centavo vale la pena.
  • Una botella dura mucho porque cada aplicacion requiere solo una liviana cantidad de la base.
  • Agrega un primer.

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