Thursday, October 10, 2013

Juxtaposition: Plaid, Lace, and a Denim Jacket

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You, lovely readers already know about my love for mixing; mixing textures, styles, vibes, etc... This outfit is all that & most importantly, I think it's very representative of my taste & style.
It features pieces I have loved for a long time, pieces I will always love and a piece I've recently fallen in love with. 
The plaid shirt belongs to my husband, or it used to until I stole it. I wear it, probably too much!
The lace skirt and bow detailed booties are so girly and feminine which will always be my essence.
The denim jacket is a piece I recently purchased and I told you on this post, unexpectedly fell in love with.


Yo creo que ustedes saben por mi amor a la mezcla. La mezcla de telas, cortes, y tendencias. Entra combinación es una gran mezcla de todos esos elementos pero también de mis gustos.
La camisa me encanta y le tengo cariño porque es de mi esposo y se la robe.
La falda y botines son muy femeninos, lo cual es muy a mi gusto.
La chaqueta es una prenda con la cual muy recientemente me enamore. Como se los conte en este post.

 photo 61c30fb97e6e9b06269e71feda674380_zps7983fb8d.jpg

Jacket/Chaqueta: DKNY
Skirt/Falda: Forever21
Shirt/Camisa: Champs
Bag/Bolso: 3.1 Phillip Lim X Target

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 photo e95d8f286024403fb79098180ee33312_zpsa0845691.jpg

 photo 889212d5bf1dddd8d2c099c1357cde08_zps777e23d8.jpg

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