Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Burberry Heart Print Blouse for $25

 photo image_zps96b0aca3.jpg

Ever since I saw photos of Victoria Beckham & Harry Styles, I fell in love, I suddenly needed to have the print in my wardrobe. I knew the Burberry-sized price tag would be less enchanting than the adorable print, so I ventured out to fabric stores and asked the Internet for mercy on my "heartless" soul. I almost gave up, until I accidentally walked into my local mall through a Kohl's & saw this almost identical replica, which is not produced by Burberry in a peach shade & I didn't hesitate for even a minute. 

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, Harry did not steal Victoria's look! He wore the blouse months before her. Just defending my beau's honor. 

What do you guys think of this look?


Desde el momento que vi estas fotos de Harry Styles & Victoria Beckham con camisas de estampado de corazones, me enamore. De repente la blusa se volvió una obsesión y una necesidad, mi único problema...el precio.
Me dedique a buscar una versión similar por internet y hasta fui a tiendas de tela para tratar de hacer la camisa yo misma, pero nada. Hasta qué un día entré a Kohl's por accidente y encontré esta blusa de la colección de Lauren Conrad.
No sólo tiene el estampado pero viene en un color que Burberry no ofrece, me encanta!

¿Que les parece este outfit?

 photo image_zpsee3eca86.jpg

Coat/Abrigo: NY&Co
Blouse/Blusa: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Pants/Pantalones: Aeropostale
Clutch/Sobre: Steve Madden
Braclet/Pulsera: Charlotte Russe
Rings/Anillos: H&M

 photo image_zps27d73d2e.jpg

 photo image_zps7c68ad90.jpg

 photo image_zpsd02fab69.jpg

 photo image_zps7139fe65.jpg

 photo image_zps6e5edff5.jpg

 photo image_zps3bb53812.jpg

I'm also loving these stack-able rings, I can't wait to get my hands or rather, fingers on lots of other versions!
Also, I can't believe my poor phone has a boo-boo!

También me encantan este tipo de anillos y estoy ansiosa por encontrar más modelitos. Que pesar con mi pobre iPhone, tiene un golpecito horrible.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends: Pastel Colors and Tuxedo Pants

 photo image_zps341d59ba.jpg

The Tuxedo Pant! I'm sure you have seen this piece in many different variations, on the "It-Girls" of street style, such as, Jenna Lyons, Poppy Delevingne, and Christina Centenera, etc... I have too. I credit them with the obsession-inducing-chicness with which they wore the trendy item, I have searched every corner on the online & in-store shopsphere to no avail.
You see, I am about 1 foot shorter than them & was either blessed or cursed with a curvy toosh, not many retailers design with that in mind, then again, Express might! I got this pair at the super sleek store & kind of love them, actually totes love them.

This specific fit is called The Editor & I know that It will look wonderful on any body type, they're worth checking out & maybe purchasing (lots of colors and prints).

El pantalón estilo tuxedo! Estoy segura que como yo lo has visto en muchas partes. Yo eh estado buscando un par que me quede y se vea bien, la verdad es que mi estatura dificulta este tipo de misión, Afortunadamente encontré un par en Express, este corte específico se llama The Editor Pant. Lo tienen en muchos colores y estoy segura que este mismo corte quedaría muy bien en todo tipo de cuerpo. Si lo prueban, cuentenme. No se les olvide entrar al sorteo que hizo el post anterior.

 photo image_zps7584de00.jpg

Sweater: Elle via Kohl's
Pant/Pantalones: Express
Shoes/Zapatos: JustFab
Clutch/Sobre: Steve Madden
Sunnies: F21

 photo image_zps5d703945.jpg, tuxedo pants, how to wear tuxedo pants, elle by kohls

 photo image_zpsf28b6ec1.jpg,express, street style, how to wear tuxedo pants

 photo image_zps8ced646e.jpg

 photo image_zps9275c388.jpg

 photo image_zps4db72025.jpg

 photo image_zps0d9789f7.jpg

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Claire Sinclair Wear Kix'ies Thigh Highs in Pin Up (WIN A PAIR)

 photo image_zps11a860aa.jpg

Hey loves,
Today's post includes outfit photos, details of a super sexy night, and a GIVEAWAY! 
Last Sunday night, I was treated by the amazing Kix'ies team to attend Claire Sinclair's Pin Up show in The Stratosphere hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I have so many fun things to say about the night & my collaboration with Kix'ies, I could go on and on, so let me not do that & go one by one.

Hola mis amores!
En el post de hoy tengo muchas cositas que decirles sobre una noche muy sexy y divertida que pase este domingo pasado.
Gracias a la compañía de medias veladas Kix'ies tuve la oportunidad de asistir el show Pin Up en el hotel The Stratosphere en Vegas , les voy contar los detalles.

 photo image_zps22c07ab7.jpg

 photo image_zps084afbf5.jpg

Kix'ies is an amazing company that makes gorgeous, high-quality thigh highs. 
The cool thing about their product is that you can skip the garter belt, they stay on with the help of a silicone backing, which, if you are tall enough you can show off as an adorable design. 
These babies DO stay on, Claire Sinclair wore them during several of her very vivacious and active dancing numbers & they stayed in place the whole time. 

Kix'ies es una compañía de medias veladas preciosas y de muy buena calidad para las cuales no necesitas ligueros, estas medias tienen unos adhesivos de silicona que permiten que las medias se queden puestas sin importar tu actividad o cuerpo.
La estrella de el show pin Up, Claire, los uso durante sus actos de baile y se le quedaron puestos todo el tiempo.

 photo image_zpsa6f25272.jpg

 photo image_zps7ae7f3cb.jpg

 photo image_zpsd323e409.jpg

 photo ClaireSinclair_PINUP_CandyMan_zps9193b7c7.jpg

Pin Up is a 1940s, 50s and 60s inspired show with a modern twist! With the help of talented musicians, dancers, performers, great stage design, and A-mazing! wardrobe Pin Up takes you through a 12 month calendar in which each month is represented by theme inspired song & dance. 
Claire is adorably-sexy and so sassy! I have to say that she has a beautiful body and she just exudes feminine confidence. 

Every detail of this show is really a treat. The hair and makeup looks are inspiring and gorgeous. I have to say that after watching Pin Up I want to bedazzle everything, tease my hair as high as the sky and buy ALL the red lipsticks.

El show es inspirado por los 1940, 50, y 60. Por medio de música, baile, gran escenografía y vestuario, el elenco te lleva por cada mes del calendario.
Después de ver este show, quiero agregarle lentejuelas y bisutería a toda mi ropa y comprar todos los labiales rojos posibles.

 photo image_zpsb5022b13.jpg

Kix'ies and Pin Up have been kind enough to offer some giveaway prizes, you can win them by following some easy steps.

  1. If you have a Twitter, follow, Kix'ies, Camila's Closet, and The Stratosphere
  2. If you have a Facebook, like Kix'ies and  Camila's Closet 
  3. Leave a comment on this post, telling me which pair of Kix'ies is your favorite. 

You will win a pair of Kix'ies and an autographed photo of Clair Sinclair. 

Kix'ies y Pin Up le van a regalar  a uno de mis lectores una foto de Clair con autógrafo correspondiente y un par de kix'ies, simplemente sigue estos pasos:

Sigue en Twitter a Kix'ies , Camila's Closet, The Stratosphere
Dale me gusta a las páginas de Kix'ies y Camila's Closet
Déjame un comentario en en este post, cuéntame cual par de kix'ies te gusta más

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A HUGE thank you to the Kix'ies team & Maile . This team is made up of amazingly passionate and professional people. I am sure they'll provide you with amazing customer service & a percentage of all their sales is donated to the fight against cancer.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Coat of the Season

 photo image_zps86b6ece5.jpg,pick wool coat, pastel pink wool coat, fall 2013 trends, fall 2013 outerwear

If you have a fabulous coat you'd like to share with some fabulous people or just want winter outfit inspiration, please visit http://prettyshinysparkly.com

I often find myself falling in love with pieces that belong to a category I call "Micro-Trends". Micro Trends to me are those passing, small, trends focused on one single or small item, such as, embellished Peter Pan Collars, Leather Sleeves, Pointy Pumps. This season, I have fallen in love with...The Coat!
The Coat of this season is, any wool coat in a pastel pink shade, I have seen it on runways, celebs, and bloggers. I am certain you'll also see it everywhere this Winter.

Cada temporada me enamore de lo que yo llamo Micro Tendencias, para mi esto significa las tendecias compuestas por detalles pequeños que casi pasan por desapercibidos tendencias que inevitablemente pasan de moda en una manera súper rápida. Las Micro Tendencias de los últimos  años han sido, los cuellos estiló Peter Pan o los zapatos con puntas metálicas y esta temporada son, los abrigos en colores rosado pastel.

Los eh visto en las pasarelas, puestos a celebridades y blogueras, les aseguró que este invierno los veras en todas partes. Obvi, vas a ver este abrigo combinado de varias maneras en Camila's Closet.

 photo image_zpsd6edaf00.jpg, fall 2013 trends, thigh high boots, petite style, elle for kohls

Coat/Abrigo: New York & Company
Sweater: Elle via Kohls
Skirt/Falda: Elle via Kohls
Boots/Botas: Very old & no longer available by AMI Clubwear

 photo image_zps518ef63d.jpg

 photo image_zpsa14f6859.jpg

 photo image_zps384c2759.jpg

 photo image_zps8d8eb22d.jpg

 photo image_zps381437db.jpg

 photo image_zpsc10e892f.jpg

Monday, October 21, 2013

Old Navy Jeweled Sweater

 photo 93bcd073ab1fd16d7f9dd38c3b75b145_zps6e1d0467.jpg

I've always been that girl that wears painful heels with pleasure, I don't care if it hurts, so long as it looks cute. Comfort is never been an element of style for me, that was until this Fall, my theme for this season is, cozy! Cozy knits, layers, sweaters, joggers,etc..

This sweatshirt is all the things I'm currently seeking combined with some of the things I have and will always love, jeweled & glittery details.
I think this look is perfect for a Casual Friday at the office or a casual date.
I really loved wearing this & I hope you enjoy this as well!

Yo soy de las que sin ningun tipo de verguenza cree que para ser bella hay que sufrir! (asi no es el refran, como es? no me acuerdo) El hecho es que con tal de que los tacones o ropa se vean bonitas, a mi el dolor ni se me pasa por la mente. La comodidad nunca ha sido una prioridad para mi estilo, hasta esta temporada de Autumn 2013. Ahora por primera vez busco prendas que sean bellas pero tambien practicas y comodas, por lo cual amo este sweater. Tiene los elementos que mas recientemente han tomado importancia para mi y tambien tienen elementos que nunca me dejaran de gustar, como la versatilidad y la pedreria. 

 photo f302ae090032097ceffb82d96b9743ab_zps8e8d2edb.jpg

Sweater: Old Navy
Pants/Pantalones: Target
Pumps/Tacones: Steve Madden
Clutch/ Sobre: Steve Madden
Bracelet/ Pulsera: Charlotte Russe
Sunnies: F21

 photo fdfdebc2d7bda873e0d2dfc28fd743c1_zps8dc71ebe.jpg

 photo 2c45925587906684a8cf9d519ddb0d53_zps620bcc5f.jpg

 photo 46966bcbc47766300f078a000cc3a9c6_zps8ba2dec6.jpg

 photo a6f80893a39c1ec8cc8e53cc35a613b0_zpsa4bac41d.jpg

 photo 8a6a894bbe44810a37709bcafc7e2d56_zps9b8c106a.jpg

 photo 47b8eb26710172df46fa2dd530624b08_zps833a346a.jpg

 photo cbf0e54116aa43df9e3b55f68d06ba1b_zps99cc7043.jpg

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Old Hollywood Curls with #NeutrogenaHair

FTC: Note that this is a sponsored post made possible by Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. While I am being compensated for this post, my views and statements remain honest and genuine.

 photo 10be42ab-7f9e-4af9-8a12-65e439651539_zpsb7e4991c.jpg

 photo 53c6b61a-fc1e-4cef-a0e1-f390ffba9fb3_zps95f0c6f1.jpg

I have always believed that style & beauty routines can be so powerful when it comes to our confidence. 
If ever, I am not feeling my best, I put on my favorite heels and spend extra time primping and such in front of the mirror. I always like to top off a gorgeous outfit with a confidence boosting hairdo.
I have a go-to do that always does the trick, today I'll show you how to achieve those  Old Hollywood soft curls.
Once I have styled my hair like this, I feel pretty and a bit sexy, which fuels my confidence engine & that way, I feel in control of the day ahead.
The Neutrogena Triple Moisture products were key in making my hair soft, shiny and manageable for this look, you can learn more about them here. My favorite is the Deep Recovery Mask.

P.S. The reason why these products are so effective is because, they're formulated with 3 nourishing oils:
Olive Oil:  Duh! a secret that is pretty much as old as time. 
Meadow Seed Oil: Helps moisturize the middle of the hair strand, softening it.
Sweet Almond Oil: It works as a protective layer to keep hair hydrated from root to tip.

Yo soy de las mujeres que cree que un buen vestido y una buena rutina de belleza pueden hacer maravillas para la  autoestima.
Si alguna vez estoy teniendo un mal dia, me pongo unos tacones divinos y me tomo mi tiempo frente a el espejo y no hay nada mas efectivo para sentirte ideal que un peinado. Un peinado que luzca no solo tu cabello pero tu confianza en ti misma. Cuando tengo un look como este me siento en control de mi dia. 

Para mi el peinado que simpre funciona son los crepos u ondas inspiradas por el Hollywood de los 50.
En el dia de hoy te voy a mostrar una manera facil y rapida de lograr este look.
Los productos de Neutrogena Triple Moisture fueron esenciales en lograr que mi cabello se viera suave, brillante y que fuera facil de manejar para crear este look.  

Mi producto favorito de esta linea es la mascarilla, Deep Recovery Mask.
Estos productos funcionan porque estan formulados con 3 aceites nutritivos:
Aceite de Oliva: los secretos de belleza que contiene el aceite de oliva son ya un cuento viejo.
Aceite de Semillas del Campo: Ayuda a humectar el centro de cada hebra de cabello.
Aceite Dulce de Almendras: Funciona como una capa protectora e hidrata el cabello de raiz a punta.

 photo 3915fad0-1b91-4f0d-bfd0-910aa601788d_zps0164fe07.jpg

  1. Start by prepping your hair with Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Shampoo and Deep Recovery Mask.
  2. After washing & conditioning hair, pour a bit of Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Leave-in cream in your palm, rub between hands and apply all over hair. Creating a thin veil of product on your hair.
1. Prepara tu cabello con los productos Neutrogena.
2. Ponte la crema Neutrogena  Triple Moisture Leave-in, creando un velo del producto en todo tu cabello.

3. Using a round bristle brush, blow dry hair up and backwards to create volume and smooth texture in preparation for curling. 
4. Separate bangs or top front portion of hair, tease lightly at the roots.
5. Using bobby pins or a Velcro roller, roll bangs backwards and keep it that way until all hair is curled.
6. Using a flat iron or curling wand, curl hair in tight ringlets. For Old Hollywood curls, always inwards/towards face. Always keep curling wand/flat iron vertically parallel to the side of your face.

3. Con un cepillo redondo seca tu cabello, apuntandolo hacia atras y arriba. Esto volumiza el cabello. 
4. Separa la porcion de arriba y el frente de tu cabello, peinalo como al reves para crear volumen.
5. Usando pinzas o un rulo, enrolla tu cabello hacia atras para crear aun mas volumen en esa area.
6. Usando tu pinza encrespa el pelo en secciones y crepos pequenas, siempre manteniendo la pinza enrollada hacia tu cara. y verticalmente paralela a  tu mejilla.

 photo 1b2b0081-f02e-4e50-b438-88b377deb36b_zpsf336463f.jpg
7. Let down bangs after curling all of your hair.
8. Using a paddle brush, brush out curls, several times and...You've turned into a Hollywood Bombshell.

7. Suelta la porcion que estaba en el rulo.
8. Con un cepillo, cepilla los crespos varias veces hasta que queden suaves y mas sueltas.

 photo 1d085ece-d75d-4112-a41d-b27228b2cf92_zps317616de.jpg

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How To Wear Graphic Sweaters

 photo image_zps5d75a070.jpg

I have to say, when it comes to trends, this Fall is amazing! I love so many of them. I can call almost all of them my favorites and I would not be exaggerating. Today, I'm wearing one of my most favorites...Graphic Sweaters. 
They're so fun and versatile. You can wear them with anything and for any occasion.
If you're feeling unsure about how to pull off a graphic sweater, here are some tips:

  • Pair them with basic/classic pieces, such as, jeans and pencil skirts.
  • Choose one color used in your sweater's graphic and pair it with clothing & accessories. in those colors.
  • Let the vibe of your sweater inspire you! For example, I'm wearing a fox sweater, foxes have golden, auburn, wine colored fur. therefore, I used those colors in my outfit.
Shopping Alert:  One store I'm currently obsessed with is Old Navy! They have such wonderful pieces, I would describe their aesthetic as, classic, All-America with a twist of trendy, super feminine & affordable.

Tengo que decirles que este otoño, en cuanto a moda y tendencias esta empezando a volverse uno de mis favoritos. Hay muchísimas tenedurías que a mi me encantan este año. Hoy estoy usando una de mis "más favoritas". Me refiero a los sweaters estampados, estampados divertidos, grandes y llamativos. Esta tendencia es muy versátil, la puedes llevar con cualquier prenda y a cualquier ocasión. Sí tienes duditas de cómo usarlos, aquí te dejo unos consejitos:

  • Ponte lo con prendas esenciales, com jeans y faldas sencillas.
  • Elige un color presente en el estampado de tu sweater y combinalo con prendas en esos colores.
  • Déjate inspirar por el mensaje o vibra de tu sweater, por ejemplo; el mío tiene un zorro y los zorros son de colores naranja, rojizo y como doradito, por eso use estos colores.

Alerta de Shopping: Visiten Old Navy. Estoy encantada con esa tienda, tiene cosas divinas!

 photo image_zpsde2ec0e7.jpg

 photo image_zpsc8b15752.jpg

 photo image_zpsdb6ec896.jpg

 photo image_zpsbf582ff4.jpg

 photo image_zpsb791791f.jpg

 photo image_zpsc806649b.jpg