Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall 2013 Fashion : Transitioning from Summer to Fall

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Summer is over? like, officially over? Right? I think so. Over the past week the temperatures have dropped and store window displays have been filled with a plethora of cozy knits, if only Mother Nature was as decissive as the marketing teams behind said displays. This time of the year, we all find ourselves playing a game of put-on-take-off layers, which makes it so much more challenging to dress & shop. On today's post I want to show you some ways to easily transition your Summer items into Autumn, using a flowy white dress & adding some basic layers and accesories already in my closet, I created 9 weather friendly looks. This is practical, chic, and...affordable!

In order to achieve some of these looks, I had to rely on the magic of safety pins, tucking, and hiding; which can lead to uflattering looks. To conceal that, I used belts, scarves, cardigans, and jackets.


¿Se acabó el verano? ¿Ya es oficial? Yo creo que sí. Durante esta última semana las temperaturas han estado bajando y ya puedes ver en las vitrinas de tiendas texturas de invierno, sería genial si el clima se pusiera de acuerdo con aquellas vitrinas. Durante esta época se nos hace más difícil vestir, tenemos que tener en cuenta los muchos cambios de temperatura que ocurren durante el día, si estas cansada de ponerte y quitarte prendas para adaptarte al clima, hoy te voy a ayudar. He tomado un vestido muy simple y veraniego, con la ayuda de prendas básicas y accesorios en mi closet, convertí este vestido en 9 looks distintos y versátiles. Este tipo de post es la esencia de Camila's Closet, es práctico, chic y asequible. 

Para crear algunos de estos looks use pinzas y cositas para recoger el vestido lo cual no se ve muy bonito, para cubrir estos detalles indeseables puedes usar blazers, sweaters, bufandas y cinturones.

 photo output_fyyHm4_zpsbd4112ca.gif

 photo e1a94a0adbb838db9dbd92bf82763b68_zps41c4f0c1.jpg

 photo e66a6f62e961df57b0f734652adf6660_zps3a610a4f.jpg

 photo 46deace618cdfdbe2a4e142132b10f1b_zps862d6017.jpg

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 photo c912705579bf98b0f1e98089bd0a440f_zps0e905218.jpg

 photo 76a1ed00a41015dae2c22cf2fe8080d5_zps20123861.jpg

 photo 3b463bb8761c7f5ebb83261d8d32f68d_zps9259b7ba.jpg

 photo 2ccaa69237dd80fdd48a9f947e768675_zpsaadbbc0f.jpg

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  1. Like them all, but the third one is my favorite!!

  2. Great job with this post Camila, amazing all the cute outfits that can come out from one single dress! They are all so cute, but my favorite is the onle with the plaid shirt and cargo vest, I'd totally wear that!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. Done absolutely perfect. I just adore your style!

  4. I am still fairly new to "Camilascloset," and I think you've styled these looks very well. Perhaps my favorite of these nine different looks you've posted is the black top with the small golden accents paired with the black pumps and the belt.