Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream

Hi lovelies, I'm back with a a beauty product review. I love reading about people's experience with a certain product before hearing out to purchase it, I hope my review gives you the little push you need or clears your doubts about this drugstore BB. When it comes to face makeup there are a few categories we all look for: packaging, claims, texture, scent, longevity, and coverage. Today I will be scoring this product on each of this categories (except for coverage) on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best possible score. Pictures speak louder than words & on this post you'll see pictures that put almost all important aspects of a BB cream to the test, hope you enjoy! This product retails for $9 to $12 and it contains 1fl Oz.

   photo image_zps4b5cf53c.jpg photo image_zpsa635d670.jpg Claims Revlon claims that this product hydrates like moisturizer, smoothes like a primer, covers like a foundation, blurs flaws like a concealer & protects like sunscreen (SPF 30). Claims = 9 Packaging It comes in a lightweight squeeze bottle tube that allows the product to come out neatly & conveniently. The packaging is pretty generic, nothing to girly or pretty. I am an absolute sucker for eye catching packaging. Color selection includes 3 shades (light, light/medium, medium). Rating = 7  photo image_zps35f35d0d.jpg  photo image_zps1c982627.jpg Texture & Scent Has a creamy texture similar to a lightweight facial cream, I would describe it as a summer night cream. The product smells very strongly like SPF lotion, it reminds me of childhood vacations fighting my parents to avoid the Banana Boat pink bottle. It blends well & it's easy to apply with fingers or brush, however, it's oily & definitely requires powder to hide shiny spots. Rating = 7  photo image_zpsff9a0d18.jpg  photo image_zps97237d82.jpg Coverage The coverage is very sheer, while it evens out your complexion it also allows for skin to show through the product. I was happy to find out that, it lightly diminished the appearance of some of my problems. when doubled as a spot concealer it covered my breakout as much as a light coverage foundation. This product is perfect for "everyday fresh-faced look". coverage = very sheer  photo image_zpse74d31be.jpg  photo image_zps2fa72a82.jpg Results After 3 hours of wearing this BB cram without previously applying primer or blotting after application, the product had almost completely worn off. The Photo Ready line is meant to make your complexion appear flawless in photographs, which I believe this product absolutely did. While the color selection is only as wide as 3 shades, my shade did a great job of blending & matching my undertones.
 photo image_zps84c0dccf.jpg
P.S. This is my first beauty post, please bare with me. The photos were challenging, I look huge & cross-eyed.


  1. I like it, have you tried studio 79 bb cream? I love it!

    Welcome back!


  2. I'm yet to try this one and love the way it looks on you, but due to my excessive oily skin this might bee too glowy on my skin.

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