Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lady Gaga Skypeball

This photo was taken by a complimentary photographer provided by
Virgin Mobile
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So far there are so many things I've come to love about blogging, I've "met" some amazing women & I get to interact with you lovely gals, I have to admit it still shocks me that there are people out there whom actually decide to spend their time reading the content I post on Camila's Closet, so you can imagine my surprise when Skype contacted me & called my blog awesome. As if the compliment & attention wasn't enough, they invited me & a friend to see Lady Gaga in concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. I want to tell you all about my experience because, it wouldn't be possible without your support. I'd also like to thank Skype for such a great opportunity.
I received the email as soon as I woke up & I literally thought I was sleep walking!


Hay muchas cosas que disfruto de ser Bloguera, he conocido gente maravillosa y tengo la oportunidad de interactuar con mis divinas lectoras, sin embargo el pensar en que ustedes dedican un poco de su tiempo a leer mi blog no me cabe en la cabeza. la verdad les estoy muy agradecida, la semana pasada me lleve una de las sopresas mas grandes cuando Skype me contacto para decirme que mi blog les parecia genial.....QUE?? no solo me dieron semejante opinion pero tambien me invitaron a mi y una amiga al concierto de Lady Gaga en el hotel MGM de Las Vegas. Hoy quiero compartir mi experiencia con ustedes porque sin su apoyo nada de esto seria posible.

I apologize for the quality of these photos, I wasn't able to do a whole outfit shoot.
I wanted to wear something edgy while staying true to my personal style, which is why I decided to give the "jeans & T-shirt" look a Gaga appropriate twist.
I layered a leather peplum belt on top of a $5 tee, for a bit of fun I wore these sexy printed skinnies & finally I added a girly touch with pink pumps.


perdonen la calidad de las fotos, no me dio tiempo de tomar mejores fotos. siendo que Lady Gaga tiene un estilo muy ecxentrico quize recrear algo inspirado por ella sin sacrificar mi propio gusto, por lo cual le agregue unos toques "gaga" a mi pinta. me puse un camiseta super simple y le di un poco mas de estilo con un cinturon peplum de cuero. me puse unos jeans estampados los cuales estan muy en tendencia y para el toque femenino me puse tacones rosados.

Tshirt: Forever21
Peplum Belt: Zara
Pumps: Charlotte Russe

Thanks to Skype you can now enjoy your concert experience even after you've left, at her concert you'll find Skype photo/video booths to document your experience & possibly be seen by Gaga herself.

The concert was wonderful, everything from the openning act to Lady Gaga's candid conversations with the audience. During this concert not only Gaga but also her little monsters encourage & inspire you to be & love yourself, most importantly during this experience everyone learns to accept eachother regardless of ANYTHING!

El concierto fue maravilloso! la musica, escenografia y vestuario pero lo mejor de todo fue las carinosas y honestas conversaciones que Lady Gaga tuvo con el publico. Durante el concierto no puedes evitar sentirte inspirada a amarte y estar orgullosa de quien eres. Sali de esta experiencia con la ensenanza de aceptar a todo ser sin importar quien, que, porque,etc...

FTC- I received free concert tickets as a courtesey of Skype. I'm in no way associated with the company & was not financially compensated for this post.


  1. Lucky you Camilla! It must have been totally awesome, love your pic so fun and uhm Gaga! Glad you got this invite!

    Cee. ♥

  2. Loveeee it! Me puedo imaginar la emocion cuando te contactsron, congrats nena!!


  3. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it!! great post! would you be interested in following each other? let me know please

    kisses :)