Monday, August 15, 2011

THE Dress

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This dress is one of "those" dresses! What exactly do I mean by that?. When I bought it, I didn't feel exciment or a sudden rush to find a place to wear it, in fact I'm almost 100% sure that It was a last minute/ hail Mary kind of purchase. My mother's old saying, "life is full of surprises" (sorpresas te da la vida) would perfectly explain this garment's life. I unexpectedly grew a need to wear this dress, which later transformed into love and 2 years later, I find myself talking my way out of it in order to not be "that" girl that always wears "that" same dress.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One skirt, two ways #1

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Whenever a new season approaches I find myself making a considerable amount of lists, by far one of the most important is, my clothing shopping list. This past March I told myself that a high waisted red skirt was a must-have for Spring and Summer, after making this very "essential" purchase, weeks and even moths went by without the skirt seeing the light of day. In order to show both yourself and I that the skirt is as versatile as I once thought, I wore it twice this's the first way.

How would you wear this skirt?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Desert Walking + Thank You!


I have been away from my blog and a little absent from twitter, and I have really missed it! First I want to thank all of you who comment and follow my blog, I am so happy to have reached 63 followers, yay!. As for Twitter, thanks for following, I would like to be a better tweeter, which I think is all about filtering your thoughts very little, however sometimes, I am terrified that people may think I have lost my mind. Would you guys like me to tweet without inhibitions?