Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrity Inspired Challenge: Kim Kardashian Parisian Lunch


                        Today I'm bringing you my version of Flor & Nany's weekly fashion challenge, this time the challenge was to create an outfit inspired by a celebrity and quite honestly, when I first saw the challenge I thought it would be a piece of cake, little did I know how overwhelmed I would be by the infinite amount of inspirational celebrity outfits. Finally I decided to go with an outfit that has been my obsession ever since I first saw it. Kim was spotted wearing this outfit while shopping in Paris and allegedly spent $100,000 at Hermes (JEALOUS). I want you guys to know that, I have never photographed myself in an outfit I didn't actually wear, but this is the very first time. This outfit was way too formal for a Monday, so for the sake of a good challenge I wore it. My apologies if I look uncomfortable in these pics, but IT WAS HOTTTTT and I wasn't having a very successful day! Thanks for visiting I LOVE YA!